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 Success Others Have Experienced From a Free Consultation

  • Brenda said to me "For years she has felt she had no control over food from 3PM-5PM & constantly eats when she isn’t hungry."

  • She said "I'm so confused & frustrated."

  • On the consultation call, I asked her what she was thinking & feeling during that time of day to get to the “root” reason “why” she was turning to food when she wasn’t hungry.

  • I educated her the reason she felt she had no control over food was because she was trying to escape her feeling of overwhelm when her kids came home from school.

  • Once I uncovered her thoughts & feeling she was experiencing from 3PM-5PM, I taught her deeper steps from my 4 Essential Tips to Start Losing Weight that she could implementing on her own.

  • Brenda reached out to me weeks later & said "I feel more in control of my food & I'm very happy I did a consultation."

  • Brad scheduled a free consultation because he said "I didn’t understand why I always overate at meals?"

  • I went into more depth from my 4 Essential Tips to Start Losing Weight on the difference between physical & emotional hunger.

  • Brad was very excited to start using my additional principals to get control over his food portions.

What Happens On A Free Consultation Call


  • On a free consultation call we’ll have a conversation about what’s getting in your way to lose weight.

  • I’ll ask you “what’s the biggest obstacle getting in your way to lose weight?”

  • This gives me an opportunity to understand what’s going on & getting in your way.

  • I’ll educated & go deeper on how to navigate a difficult day by managing your thoughts & feels as mentioned in my 4 Essential Tips to Start Losing Weight.

  • I understand if you’re on the fence & nervous about signing up for a free consultation.

  • You might have a lot of doubt & not believe you can lose your weight & say to yourself “I don’t even know if this will work for me?”

  • That’s exactly what the free consultation is for.

Client Success Stories From My Private Coaching Program

  • Carol signed up for my private coaching program because she said "I want to get to the "Root" reason why I struggled with losing weight & how to stop binge eating every night. 

  • Carol said I've tried all the diets out there & I'm ready for a NEW approach. 

  • Every night for hours she binged on all different foods, felt she had no control to stop & didn’t know why.

  • From private coaching with me, I explored with her & found the “root” reason why she was binging.

  • Carol learned she was using food to release her stress from the day.

  • I taught her strategies how to stop binging.

  • Once she knew “why” & implemented my tips, she stopped binging in 1 month!

  • That’s how powerful thought & feeling work & private coaching is.

My Success Story From Private Coaching

  • I’ve tried everything. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, nutritionist & counselors only to feel defeated & broken because I couldn’t lose weight.

  • I’ve learned those programs only work on the “symptoms” of weight loss problems by giving meal plans which isn’t enough to get to the “ROOT” reason.

  • I wanted help & accountability to lose my weight, so I hired a Certified Weight Loss Coach. I didn’t think I could do it & had doubts because nothing else had worked. I had a sliver of hope & belief.

  • If you’ve got a sliver of hope & belief that’s all you need to get started.

  • I used to emotionally eat when I felt happy, sad & overwhelmed because I didn’t know what to do when I felt all the different vibrations in my body.

  • I’d never learned how to experience feelings without using food to escape them until I worked 1 on 1 with a Certified Weight Loss Coach.

  • From my Weight Loss coach, I learned the “root” causes why I turned to food when I wasn’t hungry &how to CONTROL my food portions.

  • I accomplished this by changing my habits, learning how to manage my thoughts & sit with my feels without escaping them.

  • My coach accomplished this by asking me questions about how I was feeling & thinking in the moments I wanted to emotionally eat.

  • She taught me tips to do instead of eating.

  • I’d never been taught how to process my feelings & what a game changer. Instantly, I started losing weight.

  • It’s not your fault you’re overweight. You just haven’t been taught the skills how to manage your thoughts & feelings without using food or something external. 

  • If you’re ready to learn how to manage your mind & your emotions, I’m confident you can lose your weigh.

  • I know I won’t gaining my weight back because I lost it by managing my mind & emotions not my food!

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