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Meet Julie

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Food isn’t good or bad, It’s just food.

You’re not broken because you're overweight.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You just have not found the answer. 

My Story

I understand yo-yo dieting, feeling deprived on diets, wondering what's wrong with me because I can’t follow a diet or food plan like others & eating to escape my emotions. I used to think: Why am I broken? Why can’t I lose weight?  Why do I obsess over food? & Is it my age/menopause why losing weight is so hard? I felt frustrated & ashamed of myself as I failed diet after diet. My brain was exhausted.
I was physically exhausted, my joints hurt, & I was unhappy in my body. One day I woke up and said "Enough! I’m going to figure this out!" I worked on the “cause of my overeating” instead of focusing on the “symptoms” of overeating. 
Today, I trust myself around food, I don’t impulsively eat, going to restaurants & social events aren't threatening environments. I don’t worry about gaining my weigh back because I lost it from a place of loving myself & understanding what triggers me to overeat. I enjoy life & am free from food obsessions. 
Are you ready to stop yo yo dieting for good?
Let's explore what's standing  in your way of losing weight.

                                         Get to Know Me

I’m from Kansas City, Missouri. I’ve lived in Beautiful Colorado for over 30 years. I work in Fort Collins, Colorado. I married the love of my life in 1989. We enjoy the peaceful Colorado living with our 4 children with paws. In addition, I have great interests in yoga, pilates, bike riding, traveling, movies, and camping.
I received my Life & Weight Loss Coach Certification from The Life Coach School and my Health Coach Certification from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I acquired my bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Kansas and my Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver.