Feel Like You're Missing The Secret to Losing Weight For Good?

Obviously, right? Otherwise, you wouldn't be here searching for the answer. I get it, I have been there and done that countless times.  

It wasn’t until I worked with a private weight loss coach, that I discovered what had been keeping me stuck. 

This is what YOU need too. 

This explains why all your past weight loss efforts either didn’t work or didn’t last. 

And it all comes back to learning the "Root Cause" why you are stuck.  


Instantly Learn What's Keeping You Stuck and Why You're Not Reaching Your Weight Goal

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These three reasons work together to bring you success once and for all. 

How You Eat

One thing a lot of women are missing is a true understanding of their hunger signals. We are so conditioned to eat at a certain time or in specific situations. Learn the reason why it's hard to stop overeating and stop feeling frustrated. I want to teach you how to eat without restriction and not counting calorie to lose your weight for good.

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How You Think

What you're thinking is creating your weight loss results -- even if you don't realize it. You're not overweight because you love food. It's your thoughts about food. We will work together so you can understand how your thoughts are keeping you stuck. I will teach you how your thoughts are your solution to permanent weight loss. 

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How You Feel

Most of us have never been taught how to feel our feelings. When you feel stressed and overwhelmed, all you want to do is eat for relief. It's totally normal to want to relax and comfort yourself with food. But you don't want to sabotage your results so you need to learn a new way. Discover how to be successful by watching the training now.

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 What Do I Get Working With Julie?


Customized coaching created just for you to lose your weight guaranteed. I will teach you all the skills you need for permanent results.

Have Self-Control

Learn how to have control over food and lose your weight for good that involves no counting calories or restrictive eating.

Feel Empowered

Finally learn the reasons you are stuck so you achieve your weight loss goals and have control over your life.

Private Coaching

You will have unlimited support throughout your three-month journey so that you keep making progress.

Lose Your Weight Once and For All

12 Sessions of Customized Private Coaching

  • Identify the "root causes" keeping you stuck
  • Learn how to feel your feelings without food
  • Improve your relationship with food
  • Lean how to stop self-sabotage
  • Discover how to end overeating
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Three Months of Unlimited Support 

We meet weekly so I can help you address what you have been implementing and prepare you for where you will go forward in the upcoming week. 

And in between sessions, you will also have unlimited access to me via email and video chat, so you never stay stuck again. 

I highly recommend Julie and she understood my struggles with losing weight. I had the most amazing journey with Julie. She changed my life and she can change yours.

-- Arlene

weight loss coaching with julie dewitt

Julie’s coaching methods are a breath of fresh air. I am losing weight and keeping it off and am excited to continue my work with her.

-- Alycia

Lose weight with coach julie dewitt

Julie has helped me lose weight, increase my confidence, and balance my life. I’m so grateful for all Julie's help and have referred her.

-- Jennifer

lose weight with julie dewitt

I love Julie’s energy and her kind spirit. I would highly recommend Julie to help you on your weight loss journey and handle life stressors. I am very satisfied with her.

-- Debbie

I had struggled with my weight all my life and felt like I had lost all control. Julie stepped in when I needed her most. I am more at peace, hopeful, and believe in myself.

-- Jaime

Weight loss coaching with julie dewitt

Before working with Julie I wasn’t aware of when my emotions triggered me to eat. I was just gaining weight and never knew the reason why.


You Don't Have to Do This Alone. 


Let me be your teacher to losing your weight once and for all.


 Ready to live a life where you are at peace with your weight

Finally done with "trying" to lose weight, disliking your body and being at a loss why you're staying stuck. I'm your coach to permanent weight loss guaranteed. I will challenge you, keep you accountable, and uncover what is keeping you stuck. I know 100% my method works because I've used all the tools to lose 50 pounds myself and keep it off.

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