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Yo Yo Dieting?

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Are You Tired Of
Yo-Yo Dieting?

I've Walked In Your Shoes

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Hi, I'm Julie

I've been right where you are now. 
I understand ALL the struggles with Yo Yo dieting.
I know what if feels like to be skeptical of weight loss programs.
I learned how to end my weight loss problem permanently & I can teach you. 
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My Mission

My passion is to help people transform their lives through self-discovery and become the BEST version of themselves. Along the way, I will guide you on how to live a healthy and balanced life.
Grow in Grace, Knowledge, and Love


- Debbie P.

Julie is an amazing & compassionate life coach. I feel completely comfortable talking with her and never feel judged. No matter what situations I’m struggling with she helps me process it and come up with realistic options. Julie’s coaching methods are a breath of fresh air. I am losing weight and keeping it off & excited to continue my work with her.

- Alycia M.

I was at a desperate time in my life when I met Julie. I was overwhelmed with motherhood, being a stepmother, overworked as a Physician Assistant, & a doggie mom whose weight kept going up. I had struggled with my weight all my life but I felt like I had lost all control. Julie stepped in when I needed her most and taught me most importantly how to change my thoughts which is the ultimate win. I am more at peace, hopeful, and believe in myself because of her and what I have been learning.

- Jamie J.

I finally have hope that I will reach my weight loss goals now that I found Julie! She has helped me lose weight, increase my confidence, and balance my work and home life. I’m so grateful for all her help. I have referred Julie to many of my friends.

- Jennifer M.

I love Julie’s energy & her kind spirit. I would highly recommend Julie to help you on your weight loss journey and handle life stressors. I am very satisfied with her knowledge, professionalism, & she’s always prompt. She is extremely helpful and honest. I highly recommend Julie!

- Debbie P.